For nearly 50 years, Sanitaria Alpe follows a policy that has never changed and which continues to make its way: producing professionally without ever losing sight of the goal of quality. For Sanitaria Alpe, quality means constant technological research to align itself with the most advanced experiments, use of materials that guarantee best hygiene and comfort conditions, continuous updating of its products range to be always up to market expectations. The data sheets present on this website are the great product range of Sanitaria Alpe including sanitary products made up of rubber, fabric, PVC:

– products for incontinence
– pediatric and men urine collectors
– colostomy collectors
– ice bags and hot water bottles
– hernia trusses
– anti-decubitus invalid air rings
– anti-decubitus foam cushions
– memory pillows
– hospital bed sheets
– silicone insoles for foot care
– silicone heel cups, gel protectors and silicone separators

At this range, which is divided into many references able to satisfy the most varied requirements, it adds the production of customized articles for particular requests.